VMworld 2012 Session Review – VSP1168: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure

I found this session to be highly informative.  It was great information around architecting a solid shared vSphere environment.  David Hill, Aiden Dalgleish, Rawlinson Rivera, Duncan Epping and Chris Colotti are clear experts in the all thing VMware infrastructure.  The information was not just specific to VMware products.  They referenced some non-VMware technologies like Platespin Recon.  I especially liked their emphasis on not following best practices just for the sake of following best practices.  The panel has a lot of great historical knowledge of VMware best practices and demonstrated how some best practices are now outdated or myths all together.

My only complaint about the session is that it’s just too short for such a complicated topic.  I would have liked the team to talk more about the management side of cloud environments such as considerations for resource pools and considering what might be conflicting or disparate customer requirements when looking at public clouds or private clouds that service multiple internal groups.

Overall it was more than worth my one hour of time and will be a video I’m sure to watch again.

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