The Major announcements from VMworld 2012 Keynote

The major announcements from the VMworld keynote:

  • No more vRAM entitlement and support for OpenStack.
  • VMware will now price vSphere  vCloud 5.1 based on the number of CPU’s and Sockets
  • VMware is now a Gold partner with OpenStack
  • 50% of x86 workloads run on VMware
  • 60% of x86 server workloads are virtualized

The new CEO, spoke a lot about Software Defined Data Center which has been a preaching point of VMware for a long time.  This is the obvious next step for VMware to tackle.  The virtualizaton and automation of server based resources has become an old hat for VMware.  I personally believe that 2013 will be the year of the “good enough” hypervisor.  Microsoft, KVM and XEN are rapidly catching up with VMware.  VMware has and needs to embrace the entire data center including managing non-VMware based infrastructures if it wants to continue in its position of dominance.

I’m looking forward to more details throughout the conference on how VMware plans to continue up the data center stack.

Update 12:36 PM EDT:

vSphere 5.1 will support SAN free vMotion with DRS support

Update 1:00 PM EDT:

Cool demo of elastic multicloud vXLAN (note the lower case ‘v’) solution via vCloud interface

Checkout Virtualized Geek’s Training Video

Configuring networking for nested ESXi VM’s within VMware Workstation 8 

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