Great set of questions. I’d also like to know why stick with VMware long term? 2013 will be the year the Hypervisor will become a commodity. Why not look to open source and Microsoft to take care of all of my hypervisor and cloud management needs. I believe VMware needs to move quickly into communicating what they are and why we need to continue to lock our virtualization and cloud workloads into their ecosystem when there will be good enough solutions available by the later part of 2013.


VMware’s(s vmw) annual VMworld shindig is next week, giving the company a golden opportunity to answer a lot of questions about its future and its future products. Here are five topics the company needs to address at the event where incoming CEO Pat Gelsinger, and out-going CEO Paul Maritz  will both keynote.

1: Settle the spin out question

Will VMware spin out its Cloud Foundry platform as a service and other cloud assets or keep them in house? As GigaOM reported last month, a spinout was under consideration as a way to help the company become a bigger player in cloud computing. Packaged together, the open-source Cloud Foundry PaaS, EMC’s Greenplum data analysis expertise and an infrastructure as a platform play — all of that could make a cloud foundation that could take on rivals Amazon(s amzn), Microsoft (s msft) and Google (s goog).

2: Clarify the software-defined data center…

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