Biebs, move over for Obama: Klout score changes bring new users to the top

My Klout score raised from 51 to 63 the day they made the change for me. I don’t really know what ultimate value the number brings to me. I don’t feel any more influential. Will it mean job offers or more hits on my blog, more engagement on Twitter or Google+? Will other Internet influencers take me more seriously? What’s my incentive to continue feeding Klout signals about my Internet presence?


If you’re the kind of person who knows exactly how many Twitter followers you have at a given moment or competes to gather as many friends as you can on Facebook, get ready for a change to your main scoreboard: Klout is getting a makeover, and your ranking may vary.

The controversial metric of one’s supposed internet influence will see major changes to how it calculates your score, the San Francisco-based company will announce Tuesday. The new calculation, which will raise many people’s scores, takes into account more social graphs and is intended to be more reflective of your true internet influence, said Klout CEO Joe Fernandez in an interview. The update will also include major changes to Klout’s site, which will now show your most popular posts and social media activity and give users more feedback into how particular posts or “moments” influence scores.

“We’re trying to go away from Klout analyzing…

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