I don’t believe Xsigo is a SDN play

Oracle recently acquired Xsigo and it’s being billed as an SDN play for Oracle.  Xsigo primary products let you converge your data and storage networks.  You can get 40Gbps to 80Gbps connection into your virtual hosts.  Its definitely a cool solution and is a virtualization player.  But, I don’t see how they have anything to do with Software Defined Networking.  I looked at them last year and they seemed very focused on Network and Data I/O to dense hosts.  Maybe I’m missing something and their product stack has morphed in the past year.  I took a look at their website and they speak of SDN and their Data Center Fabric but do not offer any technical detail on how it works.  Anyone else consider them a SDN play or better still have used them as part of a SDN strategy?

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3 thoughts on “I don’t believe Xsigo is a SDN play

  1. I agree with your analysis… They create a high-bandwidth virtual connection to servers much like the Cisco VIC, Fabric Expander, Nexus-OS based Fabric Interconnect combo that forms the basis of the Cisco UCS platform.

    Xsigo leverage Infiniband switches, HCA’s and custom OS drivers to make their Unified Network Fabrics function.

    Oracle has multiple “Appliances” that leverage Infiniband (Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics) so they would view Infiniband for the Virtual Machine OS as a great building block.

    Mellanox stock should benefit from this investment.

    1. That’s how I remember the technology as pitched. I actually wonder why Oracle outright purchased Xsigo. Even if VMware would have purchased Xsigo, Oracle could still leverage the technology. VMware and Oracle aren’t that competitive. At least it doesn’t seem enough to spend $1B for Xsigo. I don’t see that kind of value.

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