Virtualization Experiment Reloaded

I really like John’s post on a practical use of VMware Workstation. He’s a developer who has a real need to separate his work environment from his home environment. In addition at some point he may use his system for testing code. A good unbiased look at virtualization for end user computing from a non-virtualization focused IT professional.

Great work John and thanks for sharing.

Making the Complex Simple

Well, I tried the virtualization experiment again.

It worked out much better, but it still isn’t quite there.

This time though, I am going to stick with it.

The hardware


It was time for me to get new development PC hardware.  I went with a desktop again instead of a laptop, simply because I can get so much more power for the dollars and I like to have 4 monitors.

Yes, there are laptop configurations that can get you four monitors, but none of them are very nice, and portability is only a concern 1% of my time.  Even half of that time, I can just use any crappy laptop to remote desktop into my PC, so it just doesn’t make much sense to use a laptop as my primary PC.

Before I get much hate mail about this, let me say “your needs may be different, and I can…

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