Where are my flying cars? I’ll just take the software.

The famous voice of Avery Brooks posed the question as to where were our flying cars we were promised by the year 2000.  But IBM claims we don’t need flying cars because businesses of the time operated at Internet speed.  I had to write a white paper on “The Office of the Future” for one of my customers and it got me to thinking about this commercial.  How has the Cloud affected IBM’s view of Internet based collaboration.  I know back in 2000 it was all about Websphere and Lotus Notes.  What about now?

The industry has changed so drastically since this video.  IBM has led the way in open source software by taking software products that meet maybe 70% of a customers requirements and add services to meet the other 30%.  The question is are we doing this with the cloud today.  Are we at the point where the Cloud offers 70% of what the enterprise needs and integrators like IBM just need to add value on top?  If IBM were to republish this commercial for 2012 what would be the tag.  “Billions of people need a Cloud that …”

Published by Keith Townsend

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