What is HP’s Converged Cloud exactly?

I’m having trouble understanding HP’s converged cloud as a product. Is it actually a set of hardware and management software or is it architecture? Is it focused on IaaS or PaaS? How is it related to their commitment to OpenStack?

HP was initially all in on the OpenStack bandwagon saying that they planned to do something revolutionary with OpenStack about 8 months ago. They evidently still really believe that open standards are the way to go for hybrid clouds. I’m just not sure where their commitment to OpenStack lies in relation to their converged cloud. According to this networkworld.com article, HP claims to support over 180 different cloud providers. In the networkworld.com article, HP claims to have over 675 hybrid cloud customers. This is a pretty decent number for a server provider. However, HP seems to be focused on their own “Converged Cloud” brand vs. any one of the major open source labels such as OpenStack, Cloudstack, KVM or Eucalyptus. I had to perform a search on HP’s website for “OpenStack” to find any reference to the project. The reference that I did find was actually on www.hpcloud.com which focused on storage vs. the main Converged Cloud website on hp.com.

This is where my confusion comes into play. How do you build support for so many Cloud providers and give customers a choice of cloud providers without a common API or management system to manage these providers? With how hot the competition for cloud management solutions and API’s have become you would think HP would have the interface to their Converged Cloud in front as many eyeballs as possible. I searched youtube.com and found this video on their overall cloud strategy but no images of their interface.

Herein lays my disappointment. I originally thought and hoped that HP would offer some pre-packaged or finished version of OpenStack as part of their converged cloud. Instead of a tightly integrated hardware and software solution HP’s Converged Cloud seems is an architecture, services and management approach to hybrid clouds. So, to get the level of integration with 1 or more of the 180 cloud providers you have to engage HP Cloud services. This just tells me the industry is still a long way from allowing customers to roll their own hybrid cloud using open source solutions.

I’m looking forward to the continued development of open source based private/public cloud solutions and will keep my eye on HP’s solution.

Is the HP consulting based approach something that you are looking for server providers to offer or are you looking for the ability to role your own hybrid cloud infrastructure with little support?

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