Netflix open sources Asgard cloud deployment smarts

This is great news for people already interested in AWS. Wondering what the impact maybe to other opensource solutions as it’s not direct competition to Eucalyptus and OpenStack. Doesn’t solve the private cloud problem but it makes for some interesting new potential service offerings for companies looking to resale AWS. I like the move overall for cloud computing.


Very few companies know how to scale and deploy cloud applications like Netflix(s nflx), the ginormous movie streaming site. And now it’s making some of that cloud management expertise available to the masses via Github.

On Monday, the company open sourced Asgard,  a Grails and JQuery web interface that Netflix engineers use to deploy code changes and manage resources in the Amazon(s amzn) cloud in a massive way. The technology was named after the home of the Norse gods Norse god of thunder and lightning but was once known as the Netflix Application Console or NAC. And it offers some capabilities that the AWS Console does not.

Asgard, for example, helps engineers track the multiple Amazon Web Service components — AMIs, EC2 instances etc. — used by their application and manage them more efficiently.

As Joe Sondow, the Netflix senior software engineer who leads the project, wrote in the blog:

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