Is OpenFlow an answer looking for a problem?

Openflow was a secondary topic for me in this video. The real meat was Equinex talking about Internet Bypass. The idea that they can or will create a broker service that will be “Cloudified” or orchaestrated to set up peer to peer BGP connections between the provider and customer is a serious piece of innovation. I would have loved to hear someone from a cloud data center provider comment on this technology.
It’s one thing to talk about orchestrating servers, hypervisors and datacenter networking but I have to imagine providers are loath to let cloud tools automate the creation of BGP routing at the edge of their network. This is where you can break the Internet but I see the appeal. I would have liked to be in this Q & A.


OpenFlow and software-defined networking may be hot topics in the infrastructure industry right now — but not everyone believes they are up to scratch.

At a panel discussing internet bypass and new data center fabrics at GigaOM’s Structure 2012 in San Francisco on Thursday, two senior industry figures said that the standard was still too immature to be useable.

Kenneth Duda, CTO and founder of cloud networking provider Arista Networks, launched a stinging criticism of OpenFlow — which he said was unable to do many of the jobs currently being ascribed to it.

“I think there’s a lot of attention placed in this space, and a lot of customer aspirations in this space that makes a lot of sense,” he said. “It seems to me that the promises have gotten a little bit of a head of delivery in some cases.”

He explained his thinking by suggesting a potential…

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