Cisco Announces New SDN Strategy Cisco ONE

Cisco has a history of adding extensions to standards and protocols that don’t really address their customer needs when released. Cisco is extremely influential so when they do things such as this others eventually follow suite as their customers adopt the technology. I haven’t been overjoyed by Cisco’s support of Software Defined Networking (SDN). However, they recently announced a new strategy at their CiscoLive event. They claim to have taken the idea of Openflow from what they described as an “Academia” pursuit to something their customers would be more interested in. Here’s an excerpt from an article on

“Cisco’s strategy is called the Open Network Environment, or Cisco ONE, previously referred to as Cisco OPEN or COPE. Cisco ONE is designed to enable Cisco networks to be flexible and customizable to meet the needs of newer networking and IT trends such as cloud, mobility, social networking and video.”

Cisco claims to be providing additional SDN functionality or programmability at higher and lower levels of the networking stack. This is actually where Openflow or additional solutions leveraging Openflow need to eventually progress. Cisco has been a leading force in datacenter network virtualization with their Nexus v1000 and has a wide range of support not just from the hypervisor but also at the orchestration layer with support for OpenStack. I’m looking forward to seeing more press on the use cases for Cisco One and if there is acceptance in the datacenter. It would be a large boon for cloud computing if Cisco truly embraces the concept of SDN’.

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