Enterprise applications in the cloud

Networkworld.com has a pretty interesting article on the topic of acceptance of cloud computing for enterprise applications.  The article highlights a Gartner research note that indicates %73 percent of the respondents greatest concern dealt with security in the cloud.  I’m not personally concerned with security as I’ve seen firsthand the infrastructure and controls these providers have.

I tend to agree more with David Goodman of Unisys that was quoted in the article that the issue is surrounding more of the nature of enterprise applications.  For startups building applications on AWS or any cloud provider makes financial since.  However, if you are an enterprise with an existing data center and no capacity issues what’s the motivation to moving the application to the cloud?  These applications are resource intensive and therefore expensive to host in a public cloud.

I’ve done the exercise of designing a cloud hosted SharePoint environment for an organization that already has a datacenter and available capacity.  The business case for the cloud option turned out to be very weak.  Now if their use case supported the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) such as Office 365 or Google Apps then there was a potential for cost savings or at least greater cost control.

There’s an argument to be made for expansion of datacenter vs. cloud computing or migration of datacenter to the cloud however the argument for migrating your enterprise application is different.

Have you considered moving enterprise applications to the Cloud?  What are you considerations?

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