“VMLimted” Microsoft taking pretty good shots at VMware

Microsoft’s VM-Limited campaign has pitted VMware’s cloud strategy as just more virtualization masked as a Cloud solution.  Microsoft hits on some of the pain points of VMware’s customers including the change in licensing model which the faux VMLimited sales person explains it as “The more you use the more you pay” model.  From the density you look to get from a cloud solution Microsoft may have a valid point.  The new model for vSphere 5’s licensing does at face value makes you believe you may pay more if you offer really dense nodes.  I’ve looked at the licensing model and you really do need to have a specific use case to exceed the current memory limits.  I could see how cloud provider who look to get the most density out of their physical hardware would be at risk.

Another knock on VMWare is one of my main grips with vCloud which is its inability to support any other Hypervisor other than ESXi.  I interested in helping organizations build private and hybrid clouds and it is very easy to make a case for creating a private cloud based on more than one hypervisor.  I could see ESXi being used to host critical non-stop workloads and KVM, XEN or Hyper-V being used to host less critical workloads (not that they aren’t capable).   It seems to reason that a mixed hypervisor environment can save organizations deploying private clouds money.   I think VMware would answer by saying if you need to service those use cases then you could always use ESXi free.  However, you can’t manage ESXi free with vCloud Director.

The third point I get from the video is that VMWare doesn’t give your insight into your application.   I’m not too sure about this point.  Even if you just consider virtualization there are plenty of tools that help you with application performance.  I think this was more a reference to Microsoft’s Azure cloud solution which is more of a PaaS.  VMware does have its CloudFoundry project platform which addresses PaaS.  It is fair to say that Azure is much more mature than CloudFoundry at this point.

Whether the campaign is accurate or not it is one of the funniest campaigns Microsoft has put on.  I do believe you have to be a virtualization geek to get the references and may fly over the head of some decision makers.  Too the cloud indeed Microsoft

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