My wife knows what’s wrong with Apple’s Cloud strategy

ImageMy wife asked me the other day how does she log into her iCloud and get some data?  This is the problem with Apple’s cloud strategy – My wife doesn’t understand it.  My wife is a typical user – not a geek or even a power user.  She uses her computing devices as a tool unlike most readers of my blog.  She is the typical person that would walk in the Apple Store and purchase an iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro (she doesn’t get the appeal of the Air). Just casually she expected to sync her documents, music and pictures to her iCloud and access it from any of her Apple branded devices and access the data via an iCloud website.  She perfectly understood if she couldn’t access the data from her PC.  After all it is the “iCloud”.

When I tried to explain to her that it didn’t work that way, she just had this blank look on her face like “Isn’t this an Apple solution?”  When I showed her the first version Photo Stream and how you can sync pictures across iOS devices she initially was ecstatic until she found out you couldn’t delete any of the pictures.  Her question was “Why doesn’t this work like that Dropbox program you installed for me?  It just works.”

She appreciates iTunes match but doesn’t understand why should doesn’t have that functionality across all of her data.  I couldn’t have captured Apple’s challenges with cloud any better.

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