Who do you trust with your data – Google, Microsoft or Dropbox?

For me the battle between Google Drive, Dropbox and Skydrive comes down to whom I trust with my data.  All of the solutions have very strong attributes.  Dropbox has the best and most widely adopted API’s.  Google has extremely strong integration with Google Docs and I’m sure superior search capability and Skydrive is a great value.

However, this is my data you’re talking about and in the end my data is what is important.  I don’t believe any one of the vendors are in any trouble of going out of business and they all give you the ability to have your data available to your offline so, even if there is a service interruption you should still be able to get at some version of your files and data.

The bigger question comes down to what is being done with my data and who has access to it.  All there services allow you to put access controls on your shared data but I’m more concerned at the security practices of each company.  Google is an advertising company and their terms of service has caused somewhat of a stir.  Microsoft is a just a really big target.  Their infrastructure will always be attacked but MS has done a fairly good job of promoting security in their products ever since Windows XP SP2.

The one provider I just don’t trust is Dropbox.  The one escape they had with allowing anyone access to your dropbox data is just unforgivable.  I just can’t see myself entrusting any real important or sensitive data to them.  The nature of their security issue speaks to the culture or at least lends a perception to the culture of their development team.

Who do you trust with your data?


Update 07/31/12:  Dropbox has another major security issue http://techcrunch.com/2012/07/31/dropbox-admits-user-accounts-were-hijacked-adds-new-security-features/

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One thought on “Who do you trust with your data – Google, Microsoft or Dropbox?

  1. I believe that, at the moment, none of the big players have what it takes concerning security. So’ there are two things you can do – try and find some alternative (like Wuala with their double encryption), or wait utill big shots start taking these issues more seriously.

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