Think BYOD is an issue? Wait for Stealth IT

As a couple of posters have stated this is not a new problem. However, I believe the solution is for organizations to adopt a framework for expanding their data center to the public cloud. This is where solutions such as OpenStack, CloudStack, vCloud should come into play. If you asked me today vCloud is the closest solution for this problem since VMWare is so prevelant throughout the enterprise and in theory extending your infrastructure out to a vCloud provider should be an effort that is attainable by current IT staff. However, I don’t read many case studies on this being widely available on the Cloud provider side of the equation and in production. Also, most IT departments aren’t ready to manage this type of environment.

On the flip side of the coin with solutions such as OpenStack which support AWS you still need to invest a significant amount of resources in to the control panel for your public/private cloud and its operation to this point is even more complex than vCenter.

I guess the short is that these IT managers will continue to whip out the credit card and risk solving these business problems in an insecure/unsupported manner and will have to clean it up when the organization and technology mature.


The acronym BYOD, which stands for bring your own device, is taking over both corporate America and the press release filter in my inbox. But an analyst report out Monday suggests that BYOD has a flip side that no one talks about — Stealth IT, or the IT pro side of the consumerization trend that has swept corporate America.

There are employees bringing their own devices and apps into the workplace, as summed up by the BYOD discussions, and on the other side are IT managers taking their own credit cards (or corporate cards), grabbing company data and then playing in the cloud. Deutsche Bank notes that the issue of employees taking data and devices outside of corporate firewalls (or leaving them on airplanes) is one management headache that is getting a lot of attention and products, but the concept of Stealth IT is still ripe for new…

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