Is it too late for Openstack?

Great post and not just because you quoted me. As some one who works in the now I have to help organizations decide which direction to go for cloud providers. The cloud manager is, I believe the most critical component of the solution.

Companies have to make long term decisions on what API`s to build their projects around. Computer, storage and network are all commodities that Rackspace, HP, DELL and Amazon can all provide. What`s critical is the API I design my application to use. All these companies have proven they can provide great hosting services. How many have a proven track record for providing API`s to their cloud offering?

I hope this spurs great conversation. Well done.


There’s been a lot of news about OpenStack recently — notably a conference dedicated to the open-source cloud-computing platform this week and IBM and Red Hat (s ibm) (s rht) signing on to the effort. And yet there is a feeling in some quarters that  it may be too late for the project to take hold.

Two years after Rackspace(s rax) and NASA launched OpenStack in part to counter Amazon Web Services (s amzn), AWS keeps getting bigger and broader — with new, increasingly enterprise-focused services coming out all the time. There also is fear — even among some OpenStack proponents — that too many cooks might spoil the effort. Sure OpenStack could become the “Linux of the cloud,” but it could also get fragmented as each vendor adds its own secret sauce to the OpenStack underpinnings. The downside scenario is that OpenStack ends up more like Unix than Linux.

Taking on AWS…

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