XenDesktop 5 Provisioning Server support for vSphere 5.0

I’m a pretty big fan of XenDesktop.  It’s a slick and power VDI platform.  A while back I helped a small company deploy XenDesktop and they’ve really appreciated the migration from XenApp.  They are accessing the environment locally, remotely and via iOS devices.  It just works (for the most part).

One design consideration I had to make was if to use MCS or a Provisioning server.  The Provisioning server is a powerful application that could easily be (and was) a standalone application.  Powerful useually means complicated and Provisioning server doesn’t disappoint it is complicated.

For a small deployment MCS is a nice alternative.  It integrates well with vCenter/VMWare and gives all the functionality needed for a small environment.  Another advantage I just discovered via Citrix’ Twitter feed is that MCS supports VMWare 5.0 unlike Provisioning Server.  I’m glad I made the design choice because I could just imagine the panicked call from that manufacturing company after they upgraded to vSphere 5.

Published by Keith Townsend

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