Microsoft, instead of turning the lights off on XP, make it open source

Network World’s Mark Gibbs wrote:

Perhaps Microsoft should turn these products loose, make them open source and leave the care and maintenance of them to people who care enough to do so. You know that instantly projects would emerge to work on core maintenance and then distros as wildly varied as those you find with Linux would spring up and a whole new ecosystem of computing would emerge.

I think there’s also an ethical issue here for Microsoft: Millions of people made investments in those products that goes far beyond what they actually paid Microsoft. Those investments involved the integration of the products with their lives, their businesses, their projects and their hobbies. They essentially acquired a new language and a new way of thinking when they picked Windows XP and Office 2003, and now Microsoft is saying they have to learn a whole new language or find themselves out in the weeds.”

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I don’t understand why Microsoft would want to give away their IP for free.  It would be great for application developers, competitors, hackers and etc. but this could be a death sentence for the OS division of MS.  If you have the source code for Windows XP you have the NT kernel and with the NT kernel you open variants for Windows and have no need to go to MS for their latest OS.

I just don’t see any advantage to Microsoft to do this at all.

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