Cord Cutting (Cable TV)


A little over 3 weeks ago I received my latest Comcast bill.  I was shocked that the price had gone up yet again.  This was the last straw for my wife who is a diehard cable user.  She gave me the OK to cut the cord.  I wasted no time in calling Comcast and scaling back to Internet only.  I brought a Roku box, an Apple TV for my wife and subscribed to Netflix and Hulu Plus.  My daughter is already a rabid streamer.

I was a little worried about Comcast and their data caps.  I never bothered to check my previous usage.  I finally logged in to the website and was a little shocked.  I had been using an average of 100GB prior to cutting the cord and had a whopping 350 GB of usage last month.  I’m already 100GB into my cap 10 days in. 

So, what is a cable cutter to do?  I’m going to switch from Comcast Internet to Comcast Internet.  It seems Comcast doesn’t have the same caps or any caps for that matter on business class service.  I can get the same 20Mbps speed for $99.00 (still much cheaper than TV) or 12Mpbs for $59.00 which is what I pay now.  12Mbps is still plenty fast and no cap.  I’m a bandwidth snob and will more than likely go for the $99.00 service.  

I’ll let you know how it goes. 


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2 thoughts on “Cord Cutting (Cable TV)

  1. I share your pain – My FIOS bill creeped up to $200 with all kinds of crap they added on. Additionaly – I am certain you are not paying all the same taxes on Roku. I am waiting for the “Menu” of services version of TV. Let me know how it goes.

    1. We’re moving to a new apartment in the building and although my wife says she could live without cable we are going to take advantage of the 6 month new account deal.

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