BYOD is unstoppable

I talked about this a couple months ago on The above comment talked about Citrix which is a good start but ultimately organizations need to focus on cloud type services. This doesn’t mean public cloud solutions such as Salesforce but the idea is the same. The applications need to be web based and support multiple browsers. Users will bring their own devices if they are approved or not by IT.

This will soon become an issue for retaining top talent. Top talent will want to utilize their own technology in the way that they want or leave. This may sound like an over reaction but, I don’t believe that’s the case. Top talent finds a way to be more productive and being able to seamlessly combine their personal productivity with your work productivity is a big factor for these contributors. IT needs to understand how to service these customers while keeping the data within the boundaries of their control. VDI is a start but again if all this talent wanted to use Windows then Mac OS X/iOS and Android wouldn’t be doing so well.

See my earlier post on why I believe BYOD is failing.


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has gained unstoppable momentum. And thanks to the burgeoning mobile app market, employees have high expectations for these tools. They want an attractive user experience tailored to their devices. In other words, companies need to invest in building apps, period.

During my two decades of working in enterprise IT, I’ve observed the client-server revolution, the internet explosion and the service-oriented architecture (SOA) boom. Despite all the buzz around cloud and big data, I believe mobile will dominate enterprise IT transformation over the next decade and help to shape those other two trends. Our company, Layer 7 Technologies, and competitors such as Apigee and Mashery, are providing API management solutions to support mobile integration for the consumer app market. I believe that BYOD will spark an ever greater demand for API management to address enterprise mobile apps.

I’ve seen some companies try…

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