Tim Armstrong may have saved AOL, but at what cost?

I really like Tim Armstrong as a visionary. Imagine if he were successful in keeping AT&T the cable company together with the phone and wireless business. AT&T would be unstoppable. I wonder if the Patch vision is the same. Will the remains of the network he built come back to haunt him like Comcast has after it cobbled up AT&T cable?


Updated: As AOL continues its battle to replace a declining business model — much of which still involves charging people for dial-up Internet access — with something more robust, there are growing signs that Arianna Huffington is increasing her power base at the company. Among other things, a report in the New York Times notes that much of the integration between the Huffington Post and AOL that occurred (s aol) after last year’s $315 million acquisition is being unwound, and control over those elements is reverting to Ms. Huffington. AOL chief executive Tim Armstrong may have just signed a handsome new employment contract with the company, but insiders say he should probably still be watching his back.

According to the NYT story, control over the technology and business development segments of the Huffington Post — in other words, the parts of the operation that matter the most — are…

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