Hyper-V 3 vs. vSphere 5 Debate on ZDNet

Zdnet has an interesting debate about Hyper-V 3 on Windows Server 8 vs. vSphere 5.0.  Hyper-V to this point has been a great value play for organizations that didn’t have huge management requirements for their virtualized environment.  It’s support for Linux has actually improved a lot as well.

But I think it’s unreasonable to think the Windows 8 will have an sizable impact on VMware’s market share in the short term (next 1 or so).  I don’t see the argument for a OS that’s not scheduled to be released this year.  Microsoft has a poor track record of delivering all the features shipped in beta as part of the production release.  I just can’t see myself making a decision based on the promises of a not yet shipped product.

With that said, I look forward to the release of Windows 8 (client and server) and the push it will give VMware on both innovation and price.  It’s time someone shook up the market and brought real competition to this space.

Published by Keith Townsend

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