BYOD is all about delivery

Remember the big push for BYOD laptops?  The theory was that people would get a credit for a laptop device and bring it in to work.  Now the big push is around mobile devices.  End users have voted and Blackberry is out.  iPAD’s, iPhones and Android devices are in.  This makes for a difficult set of choices for the enterprise.

The great advantage of Blackberry has been the combination of the device and BES management server.  But the end user devices got stale.  I have a BB Torch which is not a bad device but outside of corporate e-mail I don’t use it.  I’m pretty anxious for our corporation’s BYOD strategy.  A great deal of time has been spent on getting similar management capability to the BES management platform.  The 3rd party market around Android and iOS is settling.  This solves the basic problem of e-mail.

Now organizations need to solve the problems around application access and development.  For true cost savings the need is in building applications that are portable across multiple platforms.  The question now becomes is there a ROI for this compared to status quo?

The same question is said for the workstation end point.  As I mentioned in an early post end users don’t want VDI.  The solution has to be around applications that can be hosted in the cloud (public or private) so that users can take advantage of whatever endpoint device that they choose.  I believe the key will lay in SaaS provider’s such as that will offer API’s between SaaS solutions that entire organizational architectures can be built.  From back office applications such as content management to CRM and ERP.

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