Problems with XenDesktop? Check your time!


A colleague of mine called me the other day with a strange Citrix Profile Manager issue.  His production XenDesktop environment runs on a VMware 4.1 ESXi environment.  He pushed a new image to his test catalog and the Citrix profiles would not load or save.  The only changes he made to the golden image were installing the Microsoft patches.

After taking a look at the logs I saw two issues.  The first was in the Windows logs. I noticed that the virtual host was not getting NTP time from the network.  This was breaking the computers relationship with the domain which was forcing the request to copy the profile from the network share to fail.  I was able to validate this by Citrix user profile logs which had the error “Local Profile is not a UPM profile. Aborting.”

The solution was to run “GPUPDATE /Force” and “net time” for good measure on the golden image prior to deploying the image.  Lesson: One of the first places to troubleshoot XenDesktop image issues starts with time synchronization.  You need to ensure there are no time related errors in your system log of your virtual desktops.

Published by Keith Townsend

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