OpenStack Administrative Interface

For an open source platform I think the basic interface provided out of the gate for OpenStack is OK.  A little sparse on options even for an end user interface.  Looks like a lot of development investment would have to be made to make the UI as clean as some of the other products I’ve seen.  It’s more important for them to get the automation process working correctly at this point in the project.  I like the key injection and the ability for dynamic volume provisioning.  Some other options I’d like to see would include cloning/snapshots.

I’m also not sure if you can create business rules for provisioning.  Some of the questions that pop to my head would be how do I limit the total number of resources available to this sample project.  A better question for this view would be how would the user know the total available resources left for his allowance for this project.  Reporting on if my project resources expire etc.

Developing Cloud Manager’s with the features needed for both a public or private cloud is a BIG project.  I’m sure the project team and Rackspace are up to the task.  I’ll continue to watch the progress of this project.

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