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If you want to develop a Private or Public Cloud you have a couple of options for cloud managers.  Click here for a quick intro to why you need a cloud manager.  It seems that the defacto standard for VMware based virtualized environment has been vCloud Director.  The latest version has fixed the short comings of the previous version and is a solid choice for an all vSphere environment.  But what if you want to offer a tiered level of service for your compute stack?  Let’s say XenServer for development workloads and vSphere for production workloads or what if you didn’t want a vSphere environment for your cloud?

What are your options?

Novell Cloud Manager (Now NetIQ) 

But if you have a non-VMware environment or a mixed hypervisor environment then your options start to get thin for a simple to use and deploy solution.  Novell has a great product in their Novell Cloud Manager.  It’s based on Novell Orchestrator so, it’s not exactly simple to deploy.  But the interface is really slick and it’s a powerful solution.

It supports all the major hypervisors and has great list of features including Chargeback.


OpenStack is the open source cloud platform sponsored by NASA and Rackspace.  OpenStack has a long way to go before I would consider it simple at all.  It’s a typical open source solution.  There’s very little finish to the product.  You will need to dedicate development resources to the solution to get it installed and to maintain it going forward.  Hypervisor support is not as great either.  This is due partially to Microsoft lack of support in developing bug fixes for the interfaces to the project.  I’d put Eucalyptus in the same category as OpenStack. It’s much more mature than OpenStack but the out of the box interface is underwhelming.   You’d also have to get the Enterprise solution to support get support for vSphere.

Abiquo Enterprise

A solution for a smaller company I recently looked at is Abiquo Enterprise.  Abiquo claims that they have an open source project but I haven’t been able to get a distro of it for well over a year.  I did take a look at their enterprise solution.  It has one of the best interfaces I’ve seen and support all of the major hypervisors.  One area I found it lacking is Chargeback features.  There are no tools for provisioning based on cost of resources.  Overall I do like the product.

Do you have a different impression of these solutions? What other cloud managers have you used or recommend?

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4 thoughts on “Cloud Manager Options

    1. Thanks for checking in. I was looking for the capability to create business rules or workflow based on billing. IE customer x has the credit authority to create y value of resources. This looks more like an expansion on reporting vs. the ability to create rules based on account limits.

      1. You’re right, it could be quite interesting using the account information to set limits or pricing models. Right now we have a side project on auto-scaling that maybe could be headed in that direction…
        Thank you Keith!

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