Consumer Patch Management

Talking about having a safe and secure new year, one of my favorite security products is Secunia PSI (Personal Software Inspector).  I came by it via the recommendation of a lecturer in one of my DePaul graduate courses in IT Security.  The consumer download of the application is free and extremely powerful.  This is a product that I’d recommend to my family to help keep their applications secure.  It’s the Windows Update for all your non-Microsoft software products.  It will inventory your software applications and alert you to out of date software.

The console will actually let you launch the auto-update application for the relevant software product to apply any known updates.  I’ve come to rely on it myself to keep all those obscure application up to date.  I’ve set it up scan upon boot so I get a status in the notification bar on every boot.  I haven’t noticed any performance related hit as a result.  With the constant holes being found in what seems to be every application it’s on my must have list of applications.

Have a happy and safe new year.


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