My Favorite Microsoft Cloud Solution

I’ve owned both a laptop and a desktop since Windows 95.  I’ve also had a home network since those days.  And I’ve always had the same problem.  Syncing my documents between the two has been a constant challenge.  I’ve tried the Windows Briefcase which was a joke.

To the cloud you say?  I anxiously awaited the Gdrive from Google that never came.  Amazon, and a ton of other companies offer basic cloud based storage.  These are all solutions that have really never appealed to me.  I wanted a solution that allowed me not to change the way I work with my data.   I didn’t want my primary target storage to be “The Cloud.”

I read about Windows Live Mesh and Skydrive a few years ago.  I used Skydrive pre-Googles Doc to collaborate with class mates and business partners.  It worked but I discovered most of my peers were not too interested in opening a Live account if they didn’t already have one so it kind of went unused for a couple of years.

Windows Mesh caught my attention again after Amazon announced their Cloud Drive the other day.  I checked out the new Amazon service and it was more of the same.  I’m not to incredibly interested in storing my music in the Cloud.  I use Rhapsody and it suites my needs fine.  I remembered Windows Mesh and installed the agent on my desktop and laptop.


Its as almost magical as an Apple product.  It’s exactly what I was looking for.  It sync’s my primary documents folders between the two PC’s and allows me to access the data from a web interface.  To boot, files less than 50mb are editable using Office online.  In addition, it has a remote control app.  I use logmein but it’s not a bad free throw in.  Not bad at all.

My biggest complaint is that I’m limited to 5 GB of data and there is no way to upgrade to more storage.   Dropbox has a very similar service with a free 2GB limit option and a 50GB option for 9.99 a month. also has a solution for 15.99 per month.  I’m tempted that way I could sync my photo collection as well but I for the most part trust MS for Cloud solutions. 

Hopefully they don’t ever kill Windows Mesh.  “To the Cloud” indeed.

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