Error adding vCenter in XenDesktop 5.0 Desktop Studio

This perplexed me for a few hours while trying to install Xendesktop 5.0 using the quick deployment.  When it was time to connect to the vCenter to add my VMware hosts I kept receiving this error – “The hypervisor was not contactable at the supplied address.”

I was able to find plenty of advice on the web about importing the certificate for the vCenter sdk website.  As it turns out the problem wasn’t the certificate itself but the name of website within the certificate.

If I would have paid attention to the actual message in the certificate notification I would have noticed that the name I was entering didn’t match the certificate.  This is security certificate 101.  I assumed the DNS name of the server was the actual Tomcat name of the website.  What I didn’t realize is that the name of the server was changed after vCenter was installed.

In short if you ran into this problem make sure the URL you are entering for the vCenter SDK is the same as the one associated with the website security certificate.

Published by Keith Townsend

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