Magny Cours

Wow!!! August since the last blog post.  It makes sense because I’ve relocated to Maryland where I started with Lockheed Martin supporting their Washington Data Center in September.  I’ve been extremely busy working on virtualization projects, e-discovery and disaster recovery.  Not to mention I’m still working on my MS in Project Management.  But, I have decided to take more time and make sure I blog about Virtualization.

I’ve been spending a bit of time coming up with different ways to approach a virtualized environment.  At least differently than I have in the past.  My past couple of large projects, HP Blade systems fit nicely into my needs for larger efforts.

Now that the AMD 6100 12-cores have been out for some time, I’ve been looking at using Dell’s R815 platform to get denser deployments.  I’ve found that one of the problems that arise from using a platform that can have 48 cores in one chasis is that I/O becomes a greater consideration.

In theory you could get 192 (48*4) single vcpu VM’s in a single physical server.  If you have a rack of 20 of these beasts that’s potentially 3840 VM’s in a single 42U rack.  That’s a lot of I/O.  Storage and network become huge consideratios for your infrastructure if you are looking at hosting at this level.

The great thing is that I’m learning more about storage than I have in the past and the other is I get to brush off my networking skill and deal with some of the complexities of a virtualized infrastructure.  I’m looking at solutions like Arista’s 7100 series 1U 10GB switches.  I’m also looking more smaller SAN storage solutions like Netapp and EMC’s Celera line of SAN’s. 

I’m looking forward to continuing to share my experiences and look forward to an active year of blogging.

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One thought on “Magny Cours

  1. I have heard a lot about companies in Chicago using NetApp for their SAN solutions. I drooled when you said 10GB switches…back is the backplane bandwidth on something like that?

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