Virtualization Training Choices

I’ve learned over the years to appreciate formal training courses. The foundation of my IT knowledge is from self-study. I achieved my MCSE, CNE, CCNA and etc through a combination of job experience, home lab and self-study materials. However, I’ve taken courses in school and with vendors that have helped me better understand technology in a way that self-study couldn’t.
So, I’ve been debating on what Virutalization course to take. All of my knowledge has been gained from having to implement this technology out of need. I’ve hired VAR’s to assist with the architecture and some implementation but the rest has been trial and error.
One of biggest challenges in selecting training is the cost. The VMware Install Configure course is $2500. That’s cost that comes straight out of my pocket. The advantage is that I would qualify to become a VCP which is always a good career move. But this course is from a VMware vSphere only lens.
My other option is a Virtualization boot camp that many of the non-VMware partnered training outfits offer. The advantage of this course is that it covers a broader range of products. There’s some Hyper-V and XenServer offered in this course. Albeit not a lot, it’s nice to get formal training on non-VMware stuff that I will see in the real world. The major disadvantage is that it doesn’t buy you much in the area of credentials. Even if it covers all the material and more than the VMware course you don’t qualify for the VCP.
As my project migrating 450 servers to vSphere starts to down wind down I’ll start to look more into class schedules and options. I’ll make sure to post a follow up.

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2 thoughts on “Virtualization Training Choices

  1. Seeing as how VMware will not let you take the VCP exam without attending their approved class from an approved training center…there is only one option. Just waiting for the money to fall from the sky in order to attend the course.

    Most companies and their HR departments only shout VMware when they want virtualization experience, so it is the safer bet for now.

    1. I’m not as interested in the VCP any more. My focus has been on building cloud computing environments and VMware is proving to not be as attractive in the provider space as it is in the enterprise. I think IT providers are the current wave of the future as more and more shops start to outsource their IT operations to cloud providers.

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