Are You a Fanboy/Girl?

I remember a disturbing cover from 1987 or about when I was in High School in either PC Mag or PC World.  The title was “Is Dos Dead?”  I even remember the cover with a C:\ in flames in a lake of fire or something like that.

That was my first experience with being a Fanboy of a specific vendor or product.  I remembered thinking, “Oh No!  What will I use if DOS is gone?”  There was OS2 and a bunch of other hot new technologies coming done the pipeline that my 8088 based Tandy 1000 wasn’t going to be able to support.  My parents had dropped a good deal of cheddar on that thing and it had to last me through HS.  In addition, I invested a lot of time learning DOS and had no desire to learn a new OS.

This experience had started a trend for me.  I’ve noticed over the years how I tend to be endeared to certain technologies.  It’s gone from DOS to Windows 3.1 to Netware/NDS to Windows 2Kx.  Even now with exciting technologies such as iPhone OS, Linux and non “mainstream” virtualization technologies, I find myself having a soft spot in my heart for a particular vendor or solution.

Apple’s eclipse of Microsoft in stock value brought up these memories.  I really enjoy Microsoft products.  But as a person who has to make technology decisions for organizations and live with my decisions afterward, I don’t have the luxury of being a diehard Fanboy of any one vendor or technology.  I’ve had to select plenty of solutions over MS products, ranging from VMware to LANDesk and early on Netware.

However, when certain vendors like Palm and MS aren’t competitive in markets they created I tend to have a somewhat emotional reaction.  I really want to like the Palm Pre just like I really want a Windows Phone 7 or Windows 7 Slate over an iPad.  But I have challenges that need technology solutions that exist and work today.  So, I guess iPad here I come.

What companies or products do you wish you could really push or get behind but just hasn’t cut the mustard?

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