Hello world!

Over the past year I’ve tried to label my core professional brand.  I cut my teeth as a Novell Netware Server administrator over a decade ago.  Since, I’ve had job responsibilities that have included Windows Server administration, Network Design & Implementation, Desktop Engineering, e-Mail implementation, Project Management and the list goes on and on.  I have an old MCSE and have held my CCNA since 2001.  I don’t really have a passion to do any of it individually enough to be labeled my “brand”.

I do have a passion for the overall responsibilities and duties when you combine Network, Servers and Applications.  What do you get?  IT Infrastructure the plumbing that makes IT tick.  So, this has become my brand.  I’m an IT Infrastructure Leader/Engineer.  I rather like the title feel free to use it as I’ve yet to patent it 🙂 If you want a full look check out my linkedin profile www.linkedin/in/kltownsend.

This brings us in a long roundabout way to virtualization.  My career has gravitated to virtualization because infrastructure itself is where IT shops realize all the benefits of virtualization.  It allows me to utilize all the cool (and not so) skills I’ve amassed over my career.  It gives me a great platform to talk about everything from Security to Storage and Server Hardware because it all can be virtualized.

I expect to have a great deal of posts because I have a lot to say and learn about the topic.  Stay tuned.

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